Making Believers
"Connect to the Light within..."

by: Linda Amato

"Linda's first novel is the story of Amanda and her mother Gracie. Although they are enveloped by
 shadows from the past and overcome by the painful realities of the present, Amanda and Gracie
 tell the story of uinconditional love. Gracie dies and leaves Amanda a gift that will change her future.

This is the story of all the women in Linda's Holistic Health practice, courageous women who have
walked through the past to heal into the present, connected to the light within. "

-Patricia Lynn Reilly

                   *****STARS MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW
                                   -A fine tale of the need for comfort in one's life, highly recommended.
                                               PUBLISHED BY BALBOA PRESS: A DIVISION OF HAY HOUSE
In this story Gracie and Amanda are joined in this lifetime to learn from one another. However, it takes time, patience and unconditional love for them to realize the meaning of their special relationship.  Abuse is a common element in their lives ever since they were little girls and unconditional love is the path that leads them both forward to share a journey that only women can understand.

The simple act of belief that everyone is free to choose how they want to live allows Amanda to bestow on Gracie the greatest of feelings, which is that she is loved by someone for who she is, as she is. Like many women in the world today Amanda wears a mask to hide herself from the outside world. Gracie on the other hand escapes into her mind to release the pain of yesterday that she cannot udnerstand.

All Gracie and Amanda want is to be loved, to feel loved and to know love that is truly, madly and deeply for them. Amanda goes about her life without much thought to it by the simple belief that her connection to Gracie is deeper than she can explain. Yes, Gracie is her mother but to Amanda they are one as all women of the world are. As she listens to the voice within which eventually becomes a light that she connects to and enlightens Amanda to her truth and passions she is given a gift by Gracie that gives her insight to all that is. 

Amanda discovers she is on a mid-life adventure by the simple belief that she is allowed to love herself...

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